Introducing… Doctor Frankentime!

I am pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Doctor Frankentime! This is a #TimeTravel story. It’s not quite Benjamin Button meets The Time Traveler’s Wife, nor is it really Tenet meets Donnie Darko in a dark alley with Primer! Doctor Frankentime is fresh, it’s new, and yes it is also a bit of a time travel homage and mashup at the same time. Retronauts and chrononauts and temponauts, oh my!

Click/tap to check out the Doctor Frankentime book page. This is the first book in the Chrononaut Chronicles series.

Human Goings

“Human beings don’t just be. We like to do. Thus we are also human doings. However, being travelers in time and space, we spend all our time going somewhen in time and much of our time going somewhere in space. So we are human goings. Always going somewhen in spacetime.” — Olivia Salazar (in the upcoming Znuhmooey by C. Q. Kelvyn)

Stardust, Always

Cornelius Q. Kelvyn has long kept his writing in the shadows. He is delighted to have his story, “Matronus,” included in an anthology of wonderful authors titled Stardust, Always. As with many of the stories in this anthology, “Matronus” was inspired by Alan Rickman, David Bowie, and others whom he has known who have battled cancer.

Please check out Stardust, Always via Cornelius Q. Kelvyn’s author page at Amazon, or at the publisher’s page at Writers Colony Press. Proceeds from the paper and eBook versions shall be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for cancer research.


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Tesseract image by Stephen Webb

Tesseract image by Stephen Webb