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Time travel. That was what Olivia Salazar wanted. She wanted to travel back in time to see her parents again, perhaps to save them. As she formulates a plan to make time travel possible, several species of time travelers—retronauts, temponauts, and chrononauts—invade Olivia’s life. Will they help her in her quest to save her parents’ lives?

Chrononaut Chronicles is a book series in which Olivia Salazar and her time traveling family create new ways people and their nonhuman companions live life in time.

  1. Doctor Frankentime chronicles Olivia’s descent into the madness of time travel. It is not as she had originally envisioned it with a tachyon transistor and converting her own body into retromatter so she can go back in time (forward in retrotime for her) and see her parents.
  2. Chronic Entanglement conveys the story of Doctor Olivia “Frankentime” Salazar’s continuing adventures with her growing family as the complexities of time travel weigh on her.
  3. Rise of the Retronauts recounts the tale of one of the most ambitious technological missions on which humankind has ever embarked.

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Rise of the Retronauts

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Chronic Entanglement

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Doctor Frankentime